Well that’s all from me folks.


Well by now I’m pretty sure you all caught on that this wasn’t official and it was all just an ARG I created to support Bethesda by creating a shit ton of hype for the the survivor 2299 thing.

I know a few people did because a few of you messaged me on here haha. 

The story and characters (with the exception of the survivor) were all created by me, all the audio clips (except for the french poems and few sound effects) were all created by me as well, oh and the posters and pictures, they were all created by me as well.

I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to finish the story! Thing is, from now on I’m going to be way too busy to carry on with all of this now so I’m going to have to wrap things up here sooner than I hoped :( sorry.

You can hate me all you want, I don’t mind and I completely understand, I should have told you from the beginning it was just an ARG. But then again I like to tease.

If you have any questions about the story, characters or anything else I’m gonna do a Q&A on Reddit which you can find here - [ X ]

It’s been fun!

PS. I don’t have a clue if the survivor2299 website is real or not either, I don’t know who created it or anything and i’m not associated with them at all.

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